Durham 2021 Festival

In support of the grants provided to children and young people previously awarded by the RMTGB. The Durham 2021 Festival appeal concludes in July 2020.

For further information, please visit the Durham 2021 Festival website.

How to get involved

You can support us by creating a fundraising page or making a donation to the appeal.

  • Donate: enter your lodge number below, click on "Donate" and complete the following steps.
  • Create a fundraising page: click on "Start Fundraising" and proceed as requested.

If you are member of a lodge or chapter, please add the unit number with the prefix L (lodge) or C (chapter) to ensure donations are recorded correctly for honorific purposes. Otherwise, please enter any other information that will help the us to identify the donor.

Resources and guides

Direct Debit Form (PDF)


Credit Card Donation Form (PDF)

Single Donation Form (PDF)

Gift Aid Sponsorship Form (PDF)

Gift Aid Sponsorship Verification Form (PDF)

Gift Aid Envelope Verification Form (PDF)

Miscellaneous Form (PDF)